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  2. Hello everyone! Who was tuned in for the live Rick Hanson workshop or watched the replay afterwards? I'd be curious to know what your favourite teachings were. One thing I enjoyed hearing about was the conversion from state to trait. This seems to be one of the trickier parts of mindfulness. And as Rick noted, our negativity bias can more quickly convert negative states to traits (something to be mindful of within ourselves and those we work with for sure!). However, through repetition and sustained practice, we start to form new neural pathways that reaffirm the positive states we experience during our sessions. I think even just having an understanding of neuroplasticity can encourage us to continue on with our practice. What were your highlights from this workshop?
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  5. Hi Sandra, Thank you for sharing your reflections on this question. I can definitely resonate with the experience of being connected to certain social groups that don't bring to life the full potential of our being. It can be tricky to navigate - and to find a social circle where there is common interest. While in-person connections are so important, I hope that communities like this one can remind us we are not alone in our deeper yearnings. It can definitely be frightening for many to really take a look at what is within. I've been doing a lot of reading and listening to the work of Carl Jung lately. He talks a lot about the 'shadow', suggesting that it is only when we integrate the shadow parts of ourselves that we really begin to feel whole (maybe someone who has a deeper understand of psychology can share more on this subject). But in any case, it's that shadow part of ourselves that can be so frightening for some. However, I truly believe, like you, that being present to and listening to these more difficult parts of ourselves can help to ease us of this fear and to free us. I also hope that more and more people will begin to take pause, to listen, and to delve deeper into themselves. I do think it's happening!
  6. When I read this it caused me to pause. I realize that I don’t really have a specific long-term vision at this point in my life. My general vision is to bring people into my life that I truly feel I connect with. I’m in somewhat of a dry spell. I’m looking to be inspired to head down new pads. I enjoy my friends I currently have but feel that they don’t bring out my full personality. My vision for the world is that people would be able to pause to look inside and to be honest about who they are. Sometimes the world feels too busy and when things get busy it seems to deaden our soul. I’m glad I discovered Mindfulness because for me it has helped me to go inside and to be honest with myself. I see how beneficial it is to me and want to see others discover that same richness. I also think some people are afraid to go in and look at themselves. And that’s not crazy because it can be scary. Being scared is OK. Sometimes we find things within our self that we wish weren’t there. The best thing we can do is friend them and understand them. It’s hard to think 10 20 or 30 years From now. With these uncertain times for me I’m just seeing what the next few months spring. My hope is that we can start to resolve the racial injustice in America and have a country that truly cares about all of its citizens. My vision I would also say is that we would look to science and reason and not fall into politics and scare tactics to create the world.
  7. This week's question asks: What is your longterm vision? You can interpret this however you'd like to - perhaps your longterm vision for the world and collective at large or for your own life and the contributions you'd like to make. Where do you see yourself in 10, 20, or 30 years time? Or, where do you hope the world will be then?
  8. Hello Daniela! Wonderful to connect with you here. It is great that you will be able to share this work with teachers at schools! Some of our other members do this type of work as well. If you have any questions for other members or would like to share some of your insights, I'd love to hear more about your work in the forum Have a wonderful day!
  9. Thank you for sharing these! I love the 'apply the brakes' analogy. For myself, and when guiding others, I often use the hand on heart suggestion. I find it really helps me (and others) to connect back, to find compassion, and to ground. Opening the eyes and taking structured breaks are also great reminders. One thing I often do or invite those I'm guiding to do is to not worry about moving. This seems similar to structured breaks (i.e. stretching), but I am also very open to movement when it is a reflex or habit (i.e. scratching or moving the legs). I find this adds an element of openness and unconditional acceptance. When guiding others, I tend to encourage stillness as much as possible, but I really remind them not to worry about moving if it happens. Just as we invite people to feel compassionate towards the wandering mind, I think it's important to offer the same for physical movements. I think this might take some of the pressure off the practice as well. How does your client feel about guided breathing practices? I find simple techniques like boxed breathing incredibly settling.
  10. Hello Chantal! Welcome to the community of the Mastermind program. It's great to connect with you here. I can understand the frustration of not being able to join the live workshops. Have you watched any of the replays yet? They tend to be uploaded within just a few days of being recorded. In terms of how to best use the program, Sean has just uploaded some recommended first steps in the Dashboard - https://mindfulnessmastermind.com/dashboard/ From my viewpoint, I think the most information-dense material is indeed within the Mindfulness Fundamentals Course. Whether you want to certify or not, there is a ton of material and guided practices there. Also, I've not joined the live workshops but have really enjoyed watching the replays. I think the community is of great value, too, as so many of our members have a wealth of insight and experience.
  11. Thanks so much for sharing your big win! It's a huge step to take it public - and it sounds like you've done so in a big way! Do you want to share your YouTube channel? And I love the idea of Tranquil Led. I, too, dream of having a retreat centre somewhere in the country (Sweden or Canada as these are the two countries in consideration for me and my partner). Have you considered some type of crowdfunding campaign to raise money for your vision? Given that you have connections in the corporate world, you might be able to get support financially in bringing Tranquil Led to life.
  12. Hi Stephen! Thank you for the introduction here I can definitely relate to having a job that doesn't align with your passions. This was the case for me for the first 7 years after graduating University. During that time, I did as you are doing - taking various courses and deepening my knowledge about what does inspire me until finally I was ready to take the leap. I look forward to learning more about your experience and insights!
  13. Thank you Lena and Mike for sharing! These are all beautiful practices.
  14. Hello Lena! Wonderful to connect with you here. I'm very happy to hear that the resources in the program have been enhancing your confidence and direction in your teachings; and, it's wonderful that you're able to lead guided meditations for your colleagues. Especially during the increased uncertainty of these times, it is so important that we are equipped with the skills and experiences required to tune into our innate sense of peace and ease. I look forward to hearing more about your insights and experience elsewhere in the forum! Have a wonderful day.
  15. I'm looking for a simple guided meditation script 5 - 10 minutes tops to help take my congregation from doing mode to being mode; simply moving into a consciousness of "Being" I'm fairly new here but not to guided meditation, so I could do something free form, just wondering if there is something already in here someone might suggest. I'm reading through them all now, just trying to shorten the time frame. Thanks in advance for any guidance! Rev. Dr. Stephen J. Kosmyna
  16. Hi, my name is Daniela. I live in Australia. I am from Brazil. I am really happy to be here because I am having a good experience with other product with you! I started a new project here connect with Brazil where I will support teachers at schools to learn and teach meditations. I wish this support will help me to support each others! Thanks!
  17. Hi Gillian! Yes I have read this book. The main takeaways I discovered are that we must acknowledge what our window of tolerance is in our day to day life in addition to tracking this during meditation as well as the following: Here are some helpful tips when someone is in a state of disregulated arousal: Muscle tone extremely slack (collapsed, noticeably flat affect) • Muscle tone extremely rigid • Hyperventilation • Exaggerated startle response • Excessive sweating • Noticeable dissociation (person appears highly disconnected from their body) • Noticeably pale skin tone • Emotional volatility (enraged, excessive crying, terror) Also, it’s suggested to “apply the brakes” when any hypoarousal (anxiety, panic, traumatic memories) occurs. For example: Open one’s eyes during meditation practice. • Take structured breaks from mindfulness practice (e.g., walking, stretching, unstructured time). • Take a few slow, deep breaths. • Engage in a soothing form of self-touch (e.g., hand on heart). • Focus on a resourceful, external object in one’s environment. • Engage in shorter practice periods. Unfortunately I have one client that reaches her window of tolerance unexpectedly and these tips only slightly help. For example, she will meditate and feel profoundly quiet inside and relaxed but then seemingly out of nowhere she will experience extreme nausea and experiences a panic attack. I am a mental health therapist so I am also helping this client reprocess old trauma with EMDR and TRE in a safe way but she really enjoys mindfulness meditation too. If anyone has any resources on this it would be so appreciative! So far we have “put on the brakes” when needed and shortened practice sessions. I would love to learn about new tools in situations like this if you have any to offer. Thank you!
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  19. Hello I am Chantal Davis, a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. My goal is to learn mindfulness tools to pass along to my patients and to bring my practice online during these difficult times. I would love to find a way to work with corporations as well. I would love any advice on how to best go about using this program. I am slightly disappointed to see that the live courses tend to always be on Wednesdays as I will never be able to go to one. I have two children 1/2 time and get them back on Wednesday mornings. I look forward to learning more and hopefully utilizing a lot of these tools in my personal life.
  20. Hi All, A big win for me following the Tony Robbins UPW Virtual was the decision to go public with my side passion project. It's been moving in the background where I've been sharing material, ideas and posts. I felt I had to be careful, afterall, I have a full-time job. But I have 'outside business approval' so I thought why not I have 45 guided meditations on YouTube. I will upload to InsightTimer soon enough. I also share daily my insights on key topics with quotes. On my main LinkedIn I also share several great articles I've found each day before summarising at the end of each week. Sean's material has also helped me I have a Big Hairy Ambitious Goal for Tranquil Led. I see a lot of pain in the Corporate Space and know from my experiences that Mindfulness-based Leadership Development can have a significant impact. My own programmes have been rated the best available in Salesforce, and we have some great programmes at Salesforce. I do feel they aren't taking it seriously though hence switching focus to my own brand. Anyway, the BHAG: - We have a scarcity of retreat centres in the North of England. Tranquil Led will be a retreat centre in the North of England. We will cater for primarily corporate clients (another gap) but also individuals too - In building towards the BHAG, I'm working on a Masters of Psychology and Neuroscience, an ICF Coaching Cert and MMTCP run by Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield. These are my foundations - Building on the foundations, I'll be launching an online curriculum along with more engaging materials. I'm just REALLY struggling to get this done right now given all the focuses and full-time job - I'm exploring new roles. I'd like them to be more aligned to my passion but fear that my current expertise in Business Advisory (Technology) is what attracts companies interests. I'm working on this I'm open to any further ideas of how I take tranquil led forward in this exciting journey
  21. Hi All, I thought I'd share this experience as hopefully it benefits you all... ~12-14 years ago when I was in a bad place mentally and physically, I begun exploring mindfulness of varying forms. I didn't know what it was back then and came across Richard Bandler (NLP), Tony Robbins (Success) and the less reputable Ross Jefferies and 'Style' (more Confidence, Manipulation etc). I honed in on Tony's material and was wowed. Admittedly back then as a poor student it was torrent downloads but now I'm paying it back. I attended his Virtual UPW last week Has anyone else done one of these? I found it incredible. Closed a number of loops for me as a teacher and practitioner. The underlying theme was mindset, framing and positive psychology. Connection of the body and mind. I've felt on a different level this last week out of it. Elevated. Positive. Motivated Interested to hear anyone elses experience of these
  22. Hi Everyone, I've been around here for a couple of months but can't recall every introducing myself... I'm Stephen based in the North of England I trained a teacher through Search Inside Yourself LI. I am due to start the MMTCP led by Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach in February, am currently doing a Masters in Psychology & Neuroscience and an ICF Coaching Certification. I worked in tech sector full-time with Salesforce. My job doesn't align to my passion which all the above training does I'm interested in connecting with others in this space both through this forum and outside of it. I am on LinkedIn. If you want to add me, please mention your from here as I share a lot of content there and so get a lot of requests https://www.linkedin.com/in/stephenbaines/ Looking forward to engaging with you all more Stephen
  23. I find visualizations helpful- breathing into the difficult emotion, imagining a calming, healing light growing around the emotion tends to reduce its power over me. I've also been playing around with a "popping bubble" visualization (with the emotion or the physical pain being a bubble that is popped by breath) but not finding it AS helpful... just offering as a suggestion!
  24. Before I get out of bed, I think of three things I'm grateful for; I send thoughts of lovingkindness to three people (I try to include someone I find "difficult"), and I do what Shauna Shapiro recommends: laying a hand over my heart and saying, "Good Morning, Lena!". It's a nice, several-minute way to start my day.!
  25. Sawatdee ka! (That's Thai for "hello!!!) My name is Lena, and I'm sending greetings from Philadelphia. I recently started leading guided meditations for colleagues of mine who are dealing with high levels of pandemic-related stress, and this site has proven to be so helpful. I'm half Thai, and was raised in the Theravadan Buddhist tradition, so the nice thing is that this ability to share with others comes rather naturally to me. Sean's resources, however, have given me a great deal of confidence and direction in how to tackle the continued and growing interest from colleagues. (I thought it would be a few sessions, then bam!- done!, but 4 months later, and 60-70 attendees each session tell me there continues to be a need. Looking forward to learning more from all of you!
  26. This week's question asks: What is one thing you can do today that your future self will thank you for? From setting an intention to practicing self-compassion to taking a long mid-day break, what is one thing you can do today that will have a positive impact on your future?
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